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The Refuge, LLC is a mental health agency based in Virginia.  The purpose of the agency is to provide mental health services to the community that addresses the body, soul and the spirit.  It is The Refuge philosophy that man is a triune being that is composed of body, soul and spirit.  Therefore, in order to bring wholeness to an individual’s life each of those components must be address. 

The mission of The Refuge is to be a place of healing and restoration for individuals living with mental distress or mental illness.  The refuge plans to accomplish this mission by aiding others in getting a “G.R.I.P.” This means:

G- providing guidance in developing healthy lifestyles and relationships.

R- leading to rest that brings restoration and healthy thinking.

I- inciting insight that gives clarity into who an individual really is.

P- creating peace from the chaos and challenges of life.

 The Refuge work through the above mission by aiding individuals in what is considered P4  . What this means is that The Refuge encourages individuals to work the four Ps.  The four Ps are:

 1.    Plan-in order to bring wholeness, there must be a plan.

2.    Prepare- the individual must prepare to achieve whatever goal that has been identified.

3.    Produce-The individual must begin to produce the plan.

4.    Perfect- the individual must practice the plan until it becomes a part of their lifestyle and is perfect for them.

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